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Rent an apartment in Arnhem

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Apartments near Arnhem

Apartment rent Arnhem

Who has ever been to Arnhem will agree that it is a city where hangs a very pleasant atmosphere. Not for nothing, there are so many people who rent an apartment with lots of fun in Arnhem. Beloved streets where many rent an apartment in Arnhem include the AnnastraatWeverstraatNieuwe Plein en de Bauerstraat.. Because the supply of housing is so varied, each target can rent the perfect apartment in Arnhem.


Not important to know when you're orient rent an apartment in Arnhem Arnhem is one of the biggest shopping cities in the Netherlands. The downtown has stores all the major brands, while you can also find lots of little nice shops are. Avid shoppers who rent an apartment in Arnhem can indulge: the shops in the city are only opened as 7 days a week. The most famous shopping streets in Arnhem Ketelstraat, the Steenstraat, the Koningstraat, the Bakkerstraat, the BeekstraatNieuwstad and the Rijnstraat. For true fashionistas who rent an apartment in Arnhem is within walking distance from the center, Fashion quarter, with another fifty stores in the field of fashion and design. In addition to these stores, all the people who rent an apartment in Arnhem go to one of the many modern, often covered, shopping centers. Presikhaaf was seen in 1971 as the most modern shopping center in Europe. The city also has a large living boulevard. For residents who rent an apartment in Arnhem, who prefer their purchases on the market do several weekly markets where they can go. There are weekly markets on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in different parts of the city.

Leisure and fun

Sports enthusiasts who rent an apartment in Arnhem sit perfectly in place. Both the professionals and the amateurs who rent an apartment in Arnhem, the facilities are called very good. Novices who can choose to rent an apartment in Arnhem from more than 100 different sports and over 70 sports. It should not only think of the well-known sports like football, but also lesser known sports such as rugby, baseball and American football. Access to rent an apartment in Arnhem are certainly not forgotten in the field of sport. are there for them several options for sporting activity. All the people who rent an apartment in Arnhem can include up in different sports, several pools, a diving center, a swimming pool, 12 sports parks, six gymnasiums, several gyms, dance studios and amusement arcades.

Because Arnhem so centrally located in the Netherlands, close to Germany, it is for those who rent an apartment in Arnhem really easy to make day trips from the city. Take the car or train and discover beautiful Germany, or opt for culture and visit one of the many monuments and museums that are located in Arnhem and immediate surroundings. What all people who rent an apartment in Arnhem certainly should do it, is a trip on the Rhine towards the Betuwe to blow out so delicious. The cities of EdeWageningen and  Apeldoorn are all are well worth a visit.


There is evidence suggesting that early on people from the forests are drawn to live in Arnhem. Originally the city of Arnhem was not as it is today on the banks of the Rhine, but along the St. Jansbeek what higher position. When the course of the Rhine was shifted in 1530, the city was placed on the river. In 1233, gave Count Otto II of Guelders the town its charter. In this period had Arnhem between two and three thousand inhabitants who all lived within the city walls. The city wall was continuously expanded in the years 1505, 1519 and 1533 but finally broken in the 19th century.

Arnhem has traditionally been an important city. In 1543 it was the court and the court is located, while Arnhem in 1579 even the first Gelder capital. 1585 was the year that Arnhem is capital of the region Gelre joined the Dutch Republic. 1817 was the year of Arnhem became the capital of the province of Gelderland in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. In the last half of the 19th century the city was the fastest growing city in the Netherlands. This expansion continued in the course of the 20th century.

Celebrities from the city

Are you going to rent an apartment in Arnhem, then your city enjoyed a considerable number of Dutch celebrities. Examples include columnist, sports commentator and presenter Mart Smeets, musical star Linda Wagenmakers and writer and journalist Max Westerman. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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