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Rent an apartment in Brunssum

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Apartments near Brunssum

Apartment rent in Brunssum

Renting an apartment in Brunssum can let you quickly notice how unique this beautiful Limburg town. Not only rich in history, but also an interesting day make this city very special. Renting an apartment in Brunssum therefore has a lot to offer.

The rich history of Brunssum

Renting an apartment in Brunssum will show firstly soon realize that the history of this town can still be seen well reflected in the cityscape. There are indications that this city in prehistoric times was inhabited, but only the name Brunssum was first mentioned in the year 1150. The years after Brunssum was primarily a village where the people lived on agriculture. However this changed in the 20th century when several state mines were established. Brunssum then became the center for coal and lignite mining, which caused the urban development soon began. Brunssum is still very familiar with this my past. Thanks to an apartment to rent in Brunssum you will soon see that there are many famous people have lived in this city. You can think of the former football player Kevin Hofland, the French actor Cologne and athlete Bob Altena.

Always something to do with an apartment to rent in Brunssum

Renting an apartment in Brunssum will also show you that in addition to the interesting history yet to experience a whole lot more in the city. First, there are the beautiful sights that you still remember about the past of Brunssum. There are also plenty of opportunities to connect yourself to a sports club, but also a walk to admire all the greenery in Brunssum is certainly possible. Shopping is an activity where you can keep doing well yourself in Brunssum, as there is a nice shopping center with a wide range of different types of shops. There are many different events in Brunssum, so you never have to be bored. Good examples are the Oktoberfest, the fair and the Folkloric Parade. Outside Brunssum, there is also plenty to do where you can quickly find out, thanks to a rental apartment in Brunssum. The Brunssummerheide example, is a very nice park against Brunssum. It is also located near Brunssum cities like Sittard and Heerlen, making it really easy to go here to get away for a nice day. Here you can for example go shopping, enjoy the beautiful sights of the wonderful restaurants. There are also outside the cities sights including castles and the beautiful Limburg countryside. Additionally Brunssum is located near the German border, which could have happened to visit this country. Renting an apartment in Brunssum therefore has a lot to offer.

Renting an apartment in Brunssum may be the very thing that you are looking for. This city is in fact very versatile, so rent an apartment in Brunssum may be the perfect choice for everyone. Renting an apartment in Brunssum may include right for you.

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