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Apartment rent Deventer

Do you want to rent an apartment in Deventer? This beautiful city in Overijssel has to offer you much beauty. Deventer is one of the five oldest cities in the Netherlands and that makes it a unique place to live. The theologian Geert Grote, but also football coach Gertjan Verbeek was born in Deventer.


The historic center of Deventer is small but fine. Around the square the Brink are many shops. Major shopping areas are Walstraat, the Lange Bisschopstraat and the Korte Bisschopstraat Here you will find many well-known stores such as H & M, as well as smaller boutiques. In the center you can also find many antique shops and bookstores, which gives the city an attractive appearance. If you choose to rent an apartment in Deventer, go here then visit us.


Do you want to rent an apartment in Deventer, then you will not get bored. Every year there in Deventer Europe's largest book market place. Another festive event is the Dickens Festival. People go there dressed as characters from the book by Charles Dickens. Do you want to rent an apartment in Deventer and keep your history? Then check out the Old Scale House. This venture is actually the oldest in the Netherlands.


Do you want to rent an apartment in Deventer? Then you can come to live in a city with a rich history. Deventer is like Zwolle, a Hanseatic city dates back to Roman times. From the 11th to the 16th century Deventer was a lively market town. Deventer was also long been an important religious center. Modern devotion of Geert Grote found here its beginning. During World War II there destroyed many houses in Deventer. But never lost its uniqueness Deventer. Renting an apartment means living in Deventer in a particular historical stad.Zeker something to take away as rent while the apartment in Deventer!

Surrounding towns

Around Deventer There are many great cities that you can visit. Of course  Zwolle  is a good option. Bring it to visit the Museum Foundation or climb the Peperbus. Zutphen is not far from Deventer. With its beautiful historic center is a good destination for a day trip. Here you will find no less than 450 national monuments and romantic courtyards. Renting an apartment in Deventer is certainly a good idea! Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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