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Rent an apartment in Hoensbroek

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Apartments near Hoensbroek

Apartment Rentals in Hoensbroek: An introduction to Hoensbroek

Renting an apartment in Hoensbroek is definitely worth it. Hoensbroek located on the A76 in the southern part of the province of Limburg and is part of the municipality of Heerlen. The population was around 20,000 inhabitants and is the birthplace of cyclist Max van Heeswijk, journalist Gio Lippens and politician Klaas de Vries.


Hoensbroek was formerly trousers or Broich (swamp). In 1388 it separated from Heerlen and was donated to the noble family Hoen. The family then built Hoensbroek castle until today is a major tourist attraction. Renting an apartment in Hoensbroek is living in a place with a long history.

Renting an apartment in Hoensbroek

Renting an apartment in Hoensbroek is one of the four neighborhoods in Hoensbroek. So you can rent an apartment in Hoensbroek center / Dem. This area is the largest of Hoensbroek. You can also opt for Maria Gewanden, which is adjacent to the ring road of Hoensbroek. Also you can choose the Mariarade, this neighborhood is located in the north of Hoensbroek and borders Treebeek belonging to the neighboring town of Brunssum. Finally, you can also live in New Lotbroek, a neighborhood in the south of the district Hoensbroek. The neighborhood consists largely of family houses and is surrounded by green areas.

With a rental apartment in Hoensbroek can therefore each one visit nice places.


Will you rent an apartment in Hoensbroek and keep your shop? Shopping in the center of Hoensbroek is one of the more than 150 stores that you find in popular shopping areas such as the Kouvenderstraat, Main Street, Neuve, and Gebrookerplein. Visitors appreciate the shops very well, so well worth it. Moreover, on Ascension Day every year the fair, the largest in southern Netherlands. Every Tuesday there is in nearby Heerlen the weekly market every Saturday and a food market. Moreover, here the largest furniture strip in Europe.

Popular nearby places

Hoensbroek is centrally located in the region of Limburg. It has its own railway station. From this place is a trip over the border to Germany to do well. But also the nearby cities like Valkenburg, Maastricht and Sittard are worth visiting. you will come to rent an apartment in Hoensbroek, then you can go in any direction for a lovely day out.

Leisure and fun

In Hoensbroek is plenty to do and virtually all facilities. If you're considering renting an apartment in Hoensbroek, that's definitely something to take away.

How about a lovely splash pool Otterveurdt high slide and underwater lighting? Or spend a few hours in playground Terveurdt? Want some more rest, then stroll on to recommend the Brunssummerheide or a bike ride along the beautiful farms, mills and natural castle Hoensbroek. So you have always something to do if you rent an apartment in Hoensbroek. Renting an apartment in Hoensbroek is certainly worth considering. There are several types of apartments and thus always a your taste in. Come also rent an apartment in Hoensbroek! Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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