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Rent an apartment in meppel

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Apartment rent Meppel

If you are planning to relocate to the beautiful Drenthe certainly consider the option of renting an apartment in Meppel. Even though Meppel is the smallest municipality of the province of Drenthe, the city has a lot to offer. Popular streets for people to live in Meppel include the Heerengracht and the Omslag. The city has its own weapon in which is reflected the history of Meppel. The three clover leaves represent the pasture there was plenty to be found around Meppel and still is. Three black rectangles symbolize the peat trade and peat extraction. The ten pieces of silver represent the ten sacks of grain to be paid by 1422 Meppel by the church of the neighboring village Kolderveen.


All the people who will agree to rent an apartment in Meppel that the city has lots of charm. This is partly by the charming canals that are found in the inner city. People who rent an apartment in Meppel do not have all their groceries to downtown. Different neighborhood shopping centers all offer a bakery, supermarket and so on, so that all people who rent an apartment in Meppel therefor can go in their own environment. For those who rent an apartment in Meppel and rather go to the market on Thursdays and Saturdays you can go for it on the market. The town of Meppel provides to all residents who rent an apartment in Meppel a wide range of cozy little shops, while not missing the shops of the famous brands.

Leisure and fun

For all sporting people who rent an apartment in Meppel there is a wide variety of sports to choose from. Ranging from soccer and swimming to football, tennis and even fencing. Boaters who will enjoy renting an apartment in Meppel in Meppel and the villages nearby.

All the people who rent an apartment in Meppel will mainly need to be bored during the summer. One of the activities that all people who rent an apartment should not miss in Meppel is the "Thursday Meppeldag" held in the summer months. Lots of live music and a cozy market will all the people who rent an apartment in Meppel to entertain the wee hours.

Cyclists who rent an apartment in Meppel will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Meppel is a starting place in the Drenthe Rijwielvierdaagse. Each year, the Canal Festival is held in early June in the city. Here, all the people who rent an apartment in Meppel can watch their eyes and go back in time. Historic ships can be admired while you hear nice music from shanty choirs and accordions.

Popular nearby places

you go there are a number of trips that you really should not miss rent an apartment in Meppel. All the people who rent an apartment in Meppel just need to pay a visit to the village of Giethoorn and take a trip in a whisper boat. Nature lovers who rent an apartment in Meppel fully enjoy the rich nature in the nature of the Wieden and the Weerribben. Beautiful towns like BlokzijlOssenzijlSteenwijk and Vollenhove visit also worth.


The name Meppel was found in a charter in 1141. At that time the city was no more than a few farms. From 1422 Meppel separated themselves from Kolderveen and received permission to build a church. The church was named Great or St. Mary's Church and still exists. The sixteenth century meant prosperity for Meppel by the peat excavations that took place throughout Northern Netherlands. Meppel had a connection with the Drenthe Hoofdvaart and Hoogeveense Vaart while the Meppelerdiep and therefore was an important transit port. From Meppel so there was even a connection to the Zuiderzee through Zwartsluis. Many boatmen decided to live in Meppel in the 17th and 18th centuries. Meppel first gained city status in 1644 by the Sheriff of Drenthe while Louis Napoleon did so again in the year 1809. Meppel in size to the largest port in the northern Netherlands. Agriculture and shipbuilding have played an important role in the history of Meppel economically. The same applies to the markets which were held in Meppel. The printing has always been very present in the city as well as the printing industry and publishing orphans. Now there are publishers and printers established as Tree.

Celebrities from the city

People who are renting an apartment in Meppel from that moment under the "Meppel mosquito" or mosquito sprayers, as the nickname of inhabitants of Meppel. Famous people born in Meppel include Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn, the wife of former politician Elco Brinkman and yourself known as an artist. The cradle of professional golfer Sven Maurits was in the town of Meppel.

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