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Apartments near Nieuwegein

Apartment rent in Nieuwegein

Because the big city at a short distance, but themelves living in a quieter, then an apartment to rent in Nieuwegein a perfect option. Nieuwegein is a nice town with a nice center, where a tram to Utrecht driving. Renting an apartment in Nieuwegein Therefore ook a great option for commuters.

Shopping in Nieuwegein

Are you going to rent an apartment in Nieuwegein and do you like shopping? Nieuwegein then you do not have to leave per se. The city itself ook include a very large center, where you find many of the major retail chains. H & M, Media Markt and V & D are just some of the shops That can be found in this Nieuwegeinse center. Visit Therefor Especially once the large, modern shopping center City Plaza, where you ook find a lot of fun and unique shops alongside the well-known stores. Shoppers can make a worse choice than renting an apartment in Nieuwegein!

Nightlife in Nieuwegein

Nieuwegein is a young city, All which can be found in the entertainment offerings. The city is home to many great bars and restaurants, a modern cinema and a varied theater. If you're not afraid of nature, then an apartment to rent in Nieuwegein an open door to the green heart of the Netherlands. It is wonderful cycling or walking near Nieuwegein, where you encounter many lovely villages. The history in Nieuwegein rent an apartment in Nieuwegein is a rental apartment in a city that only HAS Existed since 1971. He comes from a merger between the villages Jutphaas ambitious and Vreeswijk, who have beaten hands together to grow larger. The name of the town comes from a settlement from the 13th century, in particular-which Geyne, but That HAS disappeared over the years.

known Nieuwegeiners

In Utrecht, you get a lot of famous Dutch people, but usefull in Nieuwegein find some of their roots. Are you going to rent an apartment in Nieuwegein, you would just close to them actresses Sanne Vogel and Aukje or Ginniken. One top swimmer Chantal Boonacker comes from Nieuwegein. It is anyway a sporting city, zoals beach volleyball and football youth international Robert Meeuwsen Maurits Schmitz come from here. Not surprising When you consider thatthere are a large number of football and other sports clubs are located in Nieuwegein. Ook this can be a good reason to rent an apartment in Nieuwegein to make it worth considering.
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