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Rent an apartment in Utrecht

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Apartments near Utrecht

Renting an apartment in Utrecht

Renting an apartment means rent in Utrecht in a beautiful city. Besides apartments you in this city also studios and rental houses for rent. This ensures a wide range of possibilities for living in Utrecht. Because it is a big city, a rental apartment in Utrecht provides not only housing, but you can also find good work.


Utrecht is a shopping city. The many shopping streets and malls make sure you will be satisfied with a rental apartment in Utrecht. There are trendy design shops, shops with various curios, luxury boutiques, but also the more famous shops are available in Utrecht. All these shops are to hire the corner from the apartment in Utrecht. This provides a huge variety. Each store visit will stand out more shops, making each visit is surprising. This makes renting an apartment is never boring jobs.

Leisure and fun

Utrecht is famous for the Dom Tower, so this is something that you can visit in your free time. Apart from the Dom Tower of Utrecht has much more to offer for people who rent an apartment in Utrecht. So you will find museums, there is room for dance, theater, film and music, and there are nice walking tour routes. In short, you do not get bored in Utrecht!

Popular nearby places

Near Utrecht you will find quaint little villages like  De BiltOud Zuilen en Meern. Also is Zeist near Utrecht away. Zeist is definitely worth the fun history to be found here. Renting an apartment in Utrecht means that you can not only enjoy Utrecht yourself, but that you can also visit other charming villages and towns.


Utrecht originated around the year 50 AD. The Romans at the beginning of this beautiful city. this city was more extensively from the 19th century, which enhanced the position of Utrecht. In this century was also the first city expansion. This caused Utrecht could be the great city that it is today. Because Utrecht has been around so long, there is a lot of history. In addition, to find there are several farmhouses, cottages and carriage houses. Renting an apartment in Utrecht means that you live in the middle of the wonderful history.

Celebrities from the city

Utrecht are several famous people. These include soccer player Ibrahim Afellay, skater Tessa van Dijk and author Els Florin. If you want to live in the city where many celebrities come is to rent an apartment in Utrecht perfect. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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