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Apartment rent in Wormerveer
Wormerveer is a village in the province of North Holland, located along the Zaan. Until 1974 it was an independent municipality, after the village was part of the municipality of Zaanstad. Wormerveer has its own railway station and has about 11,000 residents. The place name refers to a spring that the village Wormer ever covenant Zaandam. Wormerveer became known inter alia by the windmills that primarily squeezed oil. It is due to these mills that residents have nicknamed "Smooth Oren. Thanks to its location on the Zaan we knew Wormerveer is traditionally a flourishing industry. At the end of the 20th century left many companies, however, the village to settle on nearby industrial sites. Wormerveer true today mainly as an atmospheric residence. Renting an apartment in Wormerveer brings many features at your fingertips.

Renting an apartment in Wormerveer? Many shopping possibilities
Do you enjoy shopping? Even then is renting an apartment in Wormerveer the ideal move. In the charming village center you will find many restaurants, boutiques and specialty shops. Larger stores can be found in the large shopping center and every week there is a lively market.

Are you an avid sports fan, whether it is a rental apartment in Wormerveer a good idea. Wormerveer has an indoor pool (The Watering) and as many as three football clubs. The atmospheric center of Zaandam is definitely recommended. And what about the Zaanse Schans or Amsterdam? All the hot spots of Noord-Holland can be reached in an instant. Renting an apartment in Wormerveer makes it all possible.

Dutch celebrities from Wormerveer
Do you want to rent an apartment in Wormerveer? Simply choose the birthplace of many famous Dutch. Poet Herman Gorter, children's author Dick Laan (the author of Pinkeltje) politician Tineke Netelenbos, footballer Christian Supusepa and actress / presenter Marit van Bohemen: all of them were born in Wormerveer. Renting an apartment in Wormerveer is choose a rich soil. For land that has produced talents.

Finally, some fun facts. Did you know that Wormerveer has the shortest Stationsstraat the Netherlands? Stationsstraat in Wormerveer is only 75 meters long. The famous chocolate sprinkles was invented in .. you guessed it: Wormerveer! To cut a long story short: rent an apartment in Wormerveer is choose a special place. A village that offers everything you need to feel at home!

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