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Rent an apartment in Zaandam

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Renting an apartment in Zaandam

Zaandam is a truly vibrant city and rent an apartment in Zaandam you to be part of the occasion that city. Go and look, go rent an apartment in Zaandam. It can change your life forever. Living and working in Zaandam. Of course that's possible. Renting an apartment in Zaandam is a good idea, even if you work in Amsterdam. Check if a rental apartment in Zaandam is for you!

Are you going to rent an apartment in Zaandam?

Zaandam is an ancient city. Because of that history is living in Zaandam a discovery. The old mills which are at the beginning of our industry and at the beginning of the wealth of Zaandam. The food industry which provided the shipping. Want to share the experience part of that history, then go live in Zaandam. Renting an apartment in Zaandam, that's history and more.

Apartment rentals in Zaandam, shopping for fun

In the downtown to find shops that invite for a slow stroll walk. Of course there are supermarkets, also in the heart of the city, but the cozy bookstore also attracts many visitors. And Zaansch Fame is a shop where you might like to run into something you are looking for years, new or used. Making purchases might not want to stroll the main, tasty and grab a cup of coffee can also hear. Renting an apartment in Zaandam, as close to downtown, shopping even easier. Zaandam the older buildings are well maintained and modern constructions have their own Zaans touch. Renting an apartment in Zaandam, and may therefore just be that more time off than spend inside!

Leisure and fun

The nightlife can be called lively and modern. If you are looking for a typical Dutch pub, Zaandam several cozy stamcafés. It should be a couple of different bars located on the Dam, and various side streets, so central. There are other ways to spend their leisure time. Walk a look at one of the many mills in or let you explain how and why the Netherlands is so well known for making clogs. You can also find out why here could create a supermarket chain Albert Heijn. Annually organized regional network days for people who are looking for. Not only work, but make contacts and meet people. Renting an apartment in Zaandam can help you find work in the city, or further away.

A nearby popular place.

Amsterdam is almost literally a stone's throw away. The entertainment center of the city is really huge, and of course there is also plenty of work. Renting an apartment in Zaandam and work in the city, for many people the ideal.

The history of Zaandam, and famous people

The Zaandam has been inhabited for a long time, but we remain here in more or less modern times. The wind is not only a modern, alternative source of energy, but also an antique. Already in 1596 Cornelis Janszoon bought a mill and constructed as a saw for the first Zaanse Sawmill was a fact. The timber industry naturally brought more people to Zaandam. Especially people with innovative ideas such as Tsar Peter of Russia, who brought the wind to the north of Europe and the region around St. Petersburg, Russia. The most well-known retailer in the Netherlands links with Zaandam. Albert Heijn was born on October 15, 1865 in Oostzaan, took on his wedding shop from his father and opened eight years later, the first branch in Purmerend.

Apartment rent Zaandam

Renting an apartment in Zaandam they probably did not, but she is famous. The rapper Ali B., the two Stefano's, Seedorf and Denswil, football players, and of course Esmee Vermeulen, the swimmer. So just to name a few well known Zaandam Mers.

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