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Assen: One of the oldest towns in Holland

Assen in 1809 acquired its municipal rights is therefore one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. In 1259 a convent was established in Assen. This was discontinued in 1602 , after which the building was used for meetings. The monastery belonged to the former convent . Slowly Assen became a popular residence for wealthy people. A number of special properties , such as the White House and House Overcingel reminder of this period. In 1814 Assen became the capital of the province of Drenthe. You will find in Assen several old buildings and monuments such as the monastery church, St Joseph's Church and the house of detention . In addition, three museums located in this city . The lovely old town makes rental housing Assen hire highly sought after .

Beautiful living in Drenthe

Around 67,000 people live in Assen , the capital of Drenthe. Apartments for rent Assen hire is also very popular . The popularity of this city in the northern Netherlands is not surprising : Assen offers not only the beautiful nature of Drenthe , but also all the conveniences of a medium-sized city . Apartments for rent Assen rent means both beautiful nature as a big city within easy reach. You will find in Assen but also everything you need in terms of shopping. With several shopping centers and two days a week you can market not only in Assen find both your daily shopping as a fun day of shopping or a night out. Apartments for rent Assen hire offers everything you need in a not too big city. A large number of well-known Dutch comes from Assen as swimmer Inge Dekker , actress Anniek Pheifer and former pro Bas Roorda .

Living in Assen : Always something to do

Apartments for rent Assen rent include very popular by the charming character of this city . In addition to all sorts of leisure activities options are there in and around the city every year organized a series of events Assen still give more atmosphere , the best known , of course, the TT festival . There is always something to do in Assen! The practical accessibility Groningen is an additional advantage of renting apartments and houses Assen. The combination of the atmosphere of a medium-sized city with convenient access to a major city of Groningen is for many people a reason to live in Assen. This explains the popularity of rental housing rent Assen.

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