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Rent a property in hoogvliet-rotterdam

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Renting a rental in Hoogvliet Rotterdam

Go get a rent of rental housing in Hoogvliet Rotterdam , then you end up in a green environment. Hoogvliet is located in the south of town Rotterdam. Rental housing rent in Hoogvliet Rotterdam means living delicious. The space you have, the facilities and the modern look of Hoogvliet , make it a nice place to rent. Rental housing rent in Hoogvliet Rotterdam can in different places. Be a apartment renting on theBinnenban, an kamer on the Kalmoesstraat or a house on Reinier Kloegstraat. In short, plenty of opportunities to rent apartments in Hoogvliet Rotterdam


Hoogvliet has eight districts , each with their own stores. For everyday shopping , you do hire during apartments in Hoogvliet Rotterdam never far . In the middle of Hoogvliet is the mall Binnenban . This popular shopping center houses both large brands and unique shops. Every Friday is late night shopping , even the shops are open regularly on Sundays. For a shopping trip Rotterdam itself is also ideal. By car or public transport you in half an hour in the center of Rotterdam . Also Vlaardingen is worth a visit. Here you are with the car all within fifteen minutes .

Free time

Rental housing rent in Hoogvliet Rotterdam is popular with a large audience. This is because there are things to do for all ages . There is a nice children , but also a nice place for young people; Campus Hoogvliet. In addition, to find there are restaurants and bistros and you can stroll in different places. The old Maas you will find natural killer whale fisheries and the Oudelandse Park is ideal for a stroll or picnic.


Hoogvliet formerly belonged to Wells , it was then still called Old Vliet. Hoogvliet later belonged to the municipality Poortugaal , from 1811 to 1818. Hoogvliet was independent until 1934 , belonged to the weather in Rotterdam. Since then , it always remained so . There were many changes that you now have rent while rental housing to deal with in Hoogvliet Rotterdam . Nearly all the buildings were demolished and there were new buildings in its place . There are only a few buildings then have remained , which can be found around the village church . Because everything is rebuilt , you can enjoy free new buildings during the rental housing rent in Hoogvliet Rotterdam . Rental housing rent in Hoogvliet Rotterdam have also done well-known Dutch . Famous athletes such as judoka Mark Huizinga and footballer Peter Houtman , but also people known from TV, such as Mylène d'Anjou and Rik Hoogendoorn.

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