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Rent a property in maassluis

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Rental housing rent Maassluis

When people think about moving to South Holland, Maassluis is often not the first city being considered. Still, rental housing rent in Maassluis for anyone looking for a home is a great place to live. The location of the city will every one of the people who are already renting apartments in Maassluis agree that you can find everything in Maassluis. This applies to social, societal, economic and cultural fields. One of the most popular streets where people rent houses for rent in Maassluis is Merellaan.


Many of the people who rent apartments in Maassluis do their daily shopping at a nearby mall. In the city you will find many little shops where you can look around delicious. The people who rent apartments in Maassluis are often found instead in the Veerstraat, de Hoogstraat, de Wip or any of the other pleasant shopping streets in the center. For those who rent apartments and houses keep in Maassluis and markets, they may previously twice weekly into Maassluis and well on Tuesday and Friday.

Leisure and fun

All couples who rent apartments and houses in Maassluis can choose from a variety of sports. There are several football clubs, a shooting club, an athletics club, a basketball club and a hockey to name but a few examples. Lovers of basketball among those who rent apartments and houses in Maassluis can turn to their own association. The same goes for handball, softball, baseball players, cyclists, volleyball players, swimmers. Avid walkers who rent apartments in Maassluis European trail E9 can track which goes right through the city.

Trips that are often made by people who rent apartments in Maassluis are a day trip to one of the beautiful cities in the area such as Rotterdam, The Hague  or Leiden. A day trip to the coast is something that all people who rent apartments in Maassluis should actually do.


The town of Maassluis is also known as the first city on the Waterway. Maassluis originated around 1340. The city started as a settlement in a seawall at a lock which was built between Rotterdam and the North Sea. The aim was to prevent flooding. The settlement was named Maes Country Sluys. On May 16 1614 the name was changed in Maassluis and the city autonomy was granted by the States of Holland. In 1629 began the construction of the Great Church was completed in 1639. The famous Garrel organ was made in 1732 in use. It was built by Rudolf Garrels and was a gift from the Maassluise owner of Wine Govert.

The fishing was initially very important for the city Maassluis. The city became world famous in the nineteenth century by the tugboat company L. Smit & Co. and ship salvage W. A. of the Branch. This company we still know today under the name Smit Tak.

Celebrities from the city

When you decide to rent houses for rent in Maassluis you become city enjoyed some Dutch that everybody knows. Two examples are the Bass brothers and Aad van Toor, better known as the duo Bassie & Adriaan. Writer and biologist Maarten 't Hart is another famous resident of Maassluis. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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