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Rent a studio in elst-gld

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Studio rent Elst

Living in a quiet place with everything close to what you need, that's what you get when renting a studio in Elst!

Elst the village is in the municipality of Overbetuwe, in Gelderland. There are more than 21,000 people. A studio to rent in Elst is a good idea for many reasons. There are a total of approximately 40 stores. This includes bed stores, book stores, garden centers and hardware stores. Naturally, you can also shop in Elst for clothes and shoes. For daily shopping there are several supermarkets. For a visit to a bank or stations you do not have Elst out. Are you going to rent a studio in the short term in Elst, you're so well in terms of shopping. But you will not get bored as a studio to rent in Elst is your future plan. The dozens of sports clubs welcome new members. Whether you like badminton, darts, horse riding or swimming: you can do it in Elst! In Galama Park is great to relax if you are considering renting a studio in Elst. There is a museum and every month a large horse market is held.

Rent a studio in Elst means that you live near the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, while very near Kleve is located in Germany. All benefits so for young and old to rent a studio or you are in Elst. For anyone wanting to rent a studio in Elst seriously into consideration, it is nice to know something about the history of the village. The oldest document in which something is stated about Elst dates from 726. The village was called Heliste. In Roman times flourished Elst, because there are found among other remnants of temples and a bathhouse. An extraordinary archaeological discovery was made in 2010: a piece of a prehistoric canoe from the period 400 to 200 BC. Near the station is decades Europe's largest ketchup plant from Heinz. Able to rent a studio in Elst on your wish list? Then you're probably curious whether celebrities are born in this village. Include singer Vader Abraham (Father Abraham), the now deceased John Black Cross (coach of the Dutch national team from 1976 to 1981) and DJ / producer Onno Whites (better known as A-lusion). Is a modern, beautiful studio rent in Elst what you want? Come live in this beautiful place!

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