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Rent a studio in Haren Gn

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Studio rent Haren

One of the reasons why people rent a studio in Haren is the location. Because Haren directly southeast of the city of Groningen lies decisions also many commuters to rent a studio in Haren. Haren is known as a residential village and is sometimes referred to as the Wassenaar North. Examples of streets where people like to rent an apartment or a studio in Haren, the Kromme Elleboog and the Westerse Drift


Are you going to rent a studio in Haren you can find all your everyday things in Haren yourself. Want extensive shopping the cities of  Assen en Groningen are with its extensive shopping around the corner. Are you still looking for new furniture when you've decided to rent a studio in Haren? Then you can indulge yourself in the many furniture stores that are found in the surroundings of Haren are.

Leisure and fun

A sight to all the people who rent a studio should not be missed in Haren, the largest botanical garden in the Netherlands. The Hortus is no less than 20 hectares and is home to plants that come from all over the world. The founder of this huge collection of plants is the pharmacist Hendrick Munting (1583-1658) which in 1626 began collecting plants. Thanks to the University of Groningen this collection preserved for the general public. There are regular concerts or performances tell the Hortus, which the garden caters to a wide audience. Nature lovers who rent a studio in Haren can choose from many different areas to enjoy nature. Thus attend all people who rent a studio in Haren near Appelbergen and Noordlaarderbos, which is one of the largest forests of the province of Groningen. Sassenheim nature, where you will find two ponds and a pavilion, is also a popular place for many people who rent a studio in Haren. Water lovers who rent a studio in Haren have plenty of water is to entertain. So Haren is near the Paterswoldsemeer where many recreated by, among other sailors. Swimming enthusiasts among those who rent a studio in Haren can visit the Hoornse Plas: a lake surrounded by various beaches. The Zuidlaardermeer also is close and is extremely suitable for a boat ride. Near Noordlaren culture lovers can find these rent a studio in Haren one of two dolmens that lies outside the province of Drenthe.


Something that most people will find it interesting to rent a studio in Haren to know is that back the earliest traces of habitation go up to 4500 years ago! That is evident from the discovery of a dolmen, burial mounds and a cup grave. There is also evidence for permanent residence in Roman times and the Middle Ages. In the center stands the monumental mill De Hoop dating from 1839. Originally built as a corn mill, he was later appointed as a mill. As a building material particularly Groninger clay was used, which resulted in extensive use of red bricks. Features of the construction of Haren are the many villas, like the spacious two-under-one-roof homes. The most characteristic of these were built between 1880 and 1940.

Celebrities from the city

When you decide to rent a studio in Haren you belong to the same list as the next Dutch celebrities who all were born or have lived in Haren. For example, the famous and successful roeister Annemiek de Haan from here, as well as linguistic and Senator for Labour Hans Oskamp. Another example is the sculptor Empire Teas Hold Masters that you knew of the image 'zonaanbidster' 1952 in the Noorderplantsoen, and the "children playing" in 1970 at the Sun Avenue in the city of Groningen. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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