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Rent a studio in Nijmegen

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Studio's near Nijmegen

Studio rentals in Nijmegen

Nijmegen, the city of the world famous four-day hiking, on the tenth place in the list of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands. More than 170,000 inhabitants live in a city with a rich history and an equally rich range of shops and nightlife. Renting a studio in  Nijmegen is a guarantee for a life in a city where you will not get bored yourself.

Shopping in Nijmegen

Renting a studio in Nijmegen and shopping crazy? In the center of town you will find many shops. Every major retail chain is represented here, but the nice thing about Nijmegen is that there are a large number of shops are unique to this city. In addition, the center are beautiful enough even to walk around, with all the historical buildings you will find.

Nightlife in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is a vibrant city with lots to do. Renting a studio means living in Nijmegen in a city with many lively bars and a wide range of restaurants. These can be found mainly in the center, but also in the streets around the center. Movie lovers who rent a studio in Nijmegen are also well endowed with a large cinema and renowned cinema. Also for theater, music and dance is in the biggest city of Gelderland in the right place. Are you going to rent a studio in Nijmegen and you are curious about the environment? Besides a large number of charming towns and villages cozy Arnhem you can also find in the immediate area.

The history of Nijmegen

Are you going to rent a studio in Nijmegen, you live in one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The history of the city goes back more than 2000 years. The city's name is derived from the Latin 'Novio-magus', or Nieuwe Markt. This name comes from the market in the city, from the days when it was a Roman settlement. The city is often besieged and recovered again. You will find many different influences back. Here you also find a lot of rich history, you could rent a studio in Nijmegen.

Known Nijmegen

Are you going to rent a studio in Nijmegen, you live in a city that has produced many famous people. Singer Frank Sinatra for example, but also other acquaintances such as Daphne Deckers, rapper Gers Pardoel, singer / pianist Ruben Hein, comedian Pieter Derks and presenter / singer Jeroen van der Boom.
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