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E-mail alerts

An e-mail alert is bases on your search settings. When you have an active e-mail alert and a room is offered you will receive an e-mail about it right away. You are able to unsubscribe from these alerts all the time via the alert page and the unsubscribe page.

Service e-mails

directwonen.nl sends different kind of service e-mails like the newsletter which contains the latest news about the developments of the website and the room market. You are able to unsubscribe from the service e-mails via the setting page and unsubscribe page.

Other e-mails

directwonen.nl also sends e-mails you can’t unsubscribe from. These e-mails will be send after an action on the website like requesting your password, buying a membership, responding to a room and offering a room.

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    When you register your account at directwonen.nl, you don’t want any uninvited guests who can see what you have filled in. Or worse: who will run off with your personal data. That’s exactly why we will do everything to keep your personal data truly personal.

    Direct Wonen stores your personal data in a secured online database. That’s where they stay. Always. Your personal data will not be sold or given to third parties, unless you give us permission or if there is a legal obligation. However, we do need some of your personal data to offer our services on directwonen.nl.

    What do we want to know of you?

    First and last name! Hi! Pleasure to meet you. We like to know who is registering with us – it’s nicer than looking at a digital, anonymous wall.
    E-mail address When registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your account, as well as when you purchase a Smart Account. We sometimes send newsletters and updates about the properties advertised on our site. We only do the latter when you give us permission to do so. No longer want to receive our e-mails? You can easily unsubscribe (link to the English page where you can unsubscrive from the automatic e-mails) yourself. You can also contact servicedesk@directwonen.nl to unsubscribe or click on the link at the bottom of the e-mail.
    Password No worries! We automatically encrypt your password. It can’t be traced to your account.
    IP-address In the real world we recognize you by your pretty eyes, online we look at your IP-address. With that, we can remember your preferences on our site and give you fitting advice about your housing needs.
    Payment details If you decide to purchase a Smart Account we use a secured online payment method. We have enlisted the help of our payment partner, DocData. They process the payments to Direct Wonen. When you pay with iDeal, your payment details will be stored in our database to connect your purchase with your Smart Account. Your bank account will only be used when we repay you your purchase. Promised.
    The following data are optional. You have the choice to decide whether to share these data with us.
    Gender, date of birth and place of residency We like to know who our customers are. We only use this data for our own, internal statistics. We will never share it to any third party.
    Phone number Whether it’s a Dutch, European or continental phone number, we will never pass it on. You are the only one who can do that.
    Your income and/or the income of your partner Don’t be alarmed! We aren’t the tax authorities, simply a rental website. We can tune the housing advertises in to your income. This increases the chances of you finding your dream house. Promised.
    Profile picture “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Landlords have a better image of you with a profile picture. Vice-versa: it’s nicer for potential tenants to know who their landlord will be.

    Do you want access to your personal data stored in our database? Or do you want to change or remove this data? No problem at all. You can do it by yourself with your Direct Wonen account or let us know via our servicedesk (Link to the service desk page). If you want more reading material: we have a Privacy Statement to clarify our privacy policies (link to the Privacy Statement, see point 3).