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Are you looking for a house to rent Groningen or studio in a city that has everything, and where to experience everything? Then you can not go past Groningen! With over 200,000 inhabitants, Groningen is one of the ten largest municipalities in the Netherlands. Because many young people live between 20-25 years, Groningen feels like a young city that really is alive! Individuals, but also real estate agents and housing associations offer you the option of renting a rental housing Groningen in prime locations. With a choice of a lot of apartments and studios, you can easily find your apartment for rent Groningen, all according to your wishes.

Property Groningen is relatively easy when you compare it to other big cities, while prices for a house rental Groningen here are also slightly lower than in the West. That while there is at least just as much to do in Groningen as anywhere in the Netherlands. The center offers besides a lot of range of shops, including historical attractions that you must see as the Grand Place and the Martini. The most famous museum of Groningen is the Groninger Museum. But you will also find other museums such as a strip museum.

Groningen is the largest city in the North, and performs for that reason, a center, and it shows. For example, a university, which guarantees a lot of fun. While airport Eelde is a stone's throw away, to ensure that you are relaxed can catch the airport. Not only to go on vacation, but also for example to London or Girona. Easy to get to from rental housing Groningen.

If you think Groningen is still very isolated from the rest of the Netherlands, you are mistaken in that. From major highways, you will in no time the center of the country. Partly because Groningen is home to many students, it is also all well organized in terms of public transport: bus and train transport will take you quickly and safely to your destination. So do not hold to rent a house Groningen.

When you decide to rent houses for rent Groningen, put yourself thus in a row with a number of famous people. Namely Groningen has had many famous Dutch as a resident, whether or not born there and were bred. A few names you know well are Diederik Samson, Bert Visscher, Jacques d'Ancona and Kim Veenstra. There are far too many to mention here go. You will see them fixed if you Property Groningen will hire.

Come for yourself the atmosphere of Groningen in order to get a really good picture of this beautiful city. Plenty of nice houses for rent Groningen!

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