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Apartments for rent Roosendaal

For people who orient themselves to renting apartments and houses Roosendaal is to establish good to be aware of the extent beloved streets to live. So the Brugstraat and the Raadhuisstraat are however among the favorites include people who rent apartments and houses Roosendaal.


All the people who rent apartments in Roosendaal have a neighborhood shopping center at their disposal where they can go for groceries that you need daily. Good to know for rental housing market enthusiasts Roosendaal hire is that there is a weekly market on the Markt on Monday and Saturday.

Those who rent apartments and houses keep in Roosendaal and shopping can indulge in the city. With several shopping malls such as Taylor, Passage and Roselar enables the people who rent apartments in Roosendaal no matter what the weather is like! Your shopping Roosendaal include de Nieuwe Markt, Oude Markt, RaadhuisstraatOostplein en Brabersstraat. Real Shop fanatics can go to factory outlet center Rosada.

Leisure and fun

Sports enthusiasts who rent apartments in Roosendaal will struggle to choose from the many sports that are found in this city. Whether you like soccer, rowing, chess, hockey, tennis or doing athletics, Roosendaal definitely the right club for you. For those who want to rent apartments and houses Roosendaal and prefer to do an individual sport, there are plenty of options: close your example with the golf or chess.

When you decide to rent houses for rent Roosendaal immerse you in Carnival time in a totally different world. Tullepetaon City is the name Roosendaal than bears. Roosendaal The Fair is an annual event like the People Round and the Tattoo.

Trips are worthwhile for those who rent apartments and houses Roosendaal are a day trip to Breda or one of the Belgian cities just across the border. The area is also very suitable for cycling or make nice walks.


Roosendaal's history goes back to the thirteenth century. Roosendaal The name was first mentioned in a text from 1268. From 1510 Roosendaal became an independent parish. When Roosendaal Vliet in 1451 was navigable meant much for the then inhabitants of the city. The arrival of a port was via Dintel and Steenbergse Vliet connection with the sea. Peat was also very important for the city Roosendaaal. The highlight of this was in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The skippers were trips that took them even to England and France to deliver peat. The construction of a railway station Roosendaal in 1854, the city issued an international transport function also brought the industry to Roosendaal. A company that was founded in 1882 and still everybody knows now the Royal Van Gilse Kandijfabriek B.V. Another example factory Redband was founded in 1928.

Celebrities from the city

Nice detail for all the people who rent apartments and houses Roosendaal is the birthplace of some very well-known Dutch stood in this city. Thus, film director-producer and Oscar winner Fons Rademakers born. Also singer Frans Bauer also comes from this city, like the famous newscaster Gerard Arninkhof. Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, actor, comedian and singer, originally comes from the beautiful Roosendaal. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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