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Rent a property in Zeist

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Rentals for rent in Zeist

Zeist is located right in the province of Utrecht and the municipality over 61,000 people. Due to the convenient location in the center of the country and the beautiful green area there are many people who rent apartments in Zeist. The presence of the famous castle ' Slot Zeist "the city is also called the" City Lock " . Rental housing rent in Zeist means that you end up in a very green area. Namely Zeist is situated in the wooded National Park Utrecht Ridge . Part of Zeist has even been declared a protected village , this along with the Wilhelmina .


When people choose to rent houses for rent in Zeist, they opt immediately for a bit of culture. The Utrecht Ridge originated as moraine in 3rd ice age. There is evidence that all people living in this area 300 years BC. Around 1100 the area was where Zeist is mined and founded the current Zeist. The tower is still open in the Old Church. Construction of slot Zeist by Willem Adriaan van Nassau-Odijk meant a lot to the development of the city of Zeist. The Moravian Community Zeist discovered is still visible in the city. From the 19th century began here industrialization. The construction of many properties and estates with a top speed of no less than 692 pieces, employment rose sharply from the beginning of the 19th century. When connected Zeist in 1854 on the railway network means both economic and tourist area a lot for the city. All the people who rent apartments in Zeist would agree to make a walk along the many beautiful monuments and outdoor areas that are still preserved.

Rental housing rent in Zeist is possible for everyone , there is a right property for every target group . Apart from the middle of the city itself , there are opportunities out there to rent apartments in Zeist. The municipality is outside the city of Zeist , in 4 villages, namely Austerlitz, Den Dolder, Bosch en Duin en Huis ter Heide.

Free time

The municipality provides all the people who rent apartments in Zeist everything you could wish for sporting, social and cultural fields . This way you can see that a lot of people having fun rental housing rent in Zeist. There are alone, as many as five football teams, two hockey associations a softball association, korfball , find a basketball club and a baseball association.

Not only in the sports field makes the city good for the people who rent apartments in Zeist. The offer in the field of education is very well arranged, with a wide range of both primary and secondary schools . Studying at the university or another university , for example, in Utrecht which is located very close. Because Utrecht is easily accessible by public transport , there are also many students who decide to rent apartments in Zeist.


There is a wide range of shops in Zeist. In this way ensures that all people who rent apartments in Zeist have the opportunity to shop cozy in the city itself. All chains can be found as well as cozy little boutiques. The shopping street of Zeist is Slotlaan.

Famous Dutchies from Zeist

Piano artist and composer Wibi Soerjadi , Adam Curry and Ursul de Geer are a few examples of well-known residents of Zeist. Because the inhabitants of the city are as diverse hangs a very pleasant atmosphere , which is for many people a reason to decide to rent houses for rent in Zeist.

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