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Rent a property in Hengelo Ov

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Rentals near Hengelo Ov

Property to rent in Hengelo 

Apartments for rent Hengelo Ov rent is fun for everyone. You will find several rental properties Hengelo Ov, like a studio on the Koekoekweg, a nice apartment on the Burenweg or a property to the Oldenzaalsestraat. renting houses for rent Hengelo Ov is really for both students and families fun. The city has much to offer in terms of culture, but also in the field of leisure. Twente Enschede after the city is the largest city in Twente, and it is the fourth largest city in the province of Overijssel. Apartments for rent Hengelo Ov rent means living in a wonderful environment. Rent in Hengelo Ov is therefore a good option.


Hengelo is certainly a city, but also a bit like a village. Property Hengelo Ov hire is precisely this combination so much. In the center you will find many upscale shops. There is also a large shopping mall, the Brink, where you will find various shops. On Wednesday and Saturday there is a big market in the center. Also when renting your apartment for rent Hengelo Ov visit Enschede. This is just a short drive and you will find all the shops that you miss in Hengelo. The Great Plaza is very cozy, and you can enjoy a drink after shopping.


An apartment for rent Hengelo Ov rental is great for anyone who loves to go out. Indeed, there is plenty to do in the city. There is a large outdoor swimming pool, an amusement park for children and there are several museums. Twentish art museum Heim is for both children and adults interesting. While renting an apartment Hengelo you can enjoy nature. There are beautiful nature and several hiking trails are organized. So you discover always something new about the city rent while rental housing Hengelo. Delden is a nearby place that is fun to visit. There you can admire a lot of old buildings and there is a museum that teaches you all about the salt industry in Twente. The train from Hengelo takes you there in ten minutes to go. That makes renting in Hengelo so central and fine.


Many of the rich history of Hengelo is to be found in the Historical Museum Hengelo. The municipality of Hengelo was founded in 1811 and is an industrial city. Around 1800, there were many large factories and therefore Hengelo is also called the metal town. In addition, the brewery was important for the city. Wolter ten Cate was a textile entrepreneur who has done a lot for Hengelo. Now live there are well-known persons in Hengelo. So you can while rental housing rent Hengelo Henk Nijhof politician or cyclist Joost Posthuma encounter.

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