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Apartments for rent Helmond

Helmond rental housing rent is fun for everyone. There are rooms in  't Bijsterveld, lovely apartments on the Boerhaavelaan and many more apartments in Helmond include the Adonis Avenue and Wolfstraat. The city is great fun for both young couples and families to live in. While renting apartments and houses Helmond you live close to Eindhoven an . Additionally Valkenswaard is a nice town to visit once while renting apartments and houses Helmond. 


Brabant Helmond has a surprising range of shops. In the different shopping you will find large chain stores as well as specialty shops. While renting apartments and houses Helmond you can shop in the center but also in one of the malls. Thus, the indoor shopping center 'The Bus' also very pleasant. Every Friday is late night shopping in Helmond, the shops are open until 21:00. In addition, the shops are on every last Sunday of the month is also open. Also you can while renting apartments and houses Helmond every day somewhere you go for groceries.


Start your rental housing rent Helmond? There's always plenty to see and do! Helmond itself contains several museums. The Jan Visser Museum, the Municipal Museum and the Industrial Museum are all located in Helmond itself. In the neighborhood you will find several museums such as the Museum of flight simulation in Someren, a museum which is also very nice for children. Helmond also features swimming pools and a petting zoo. The Akkers in Helmond is a special part of the city to visit. Find houses are all built of environmental- and sustainable materials.


Start your rental housing rent Helmond, you come into a city with a rich history. Helmond in 1232 received city rights. In the Middle Ages there were some settlements, where later excavations were made. So there were a lot of archaeological finds emerged during the demolition of the textile factory. Around the 15th century Helmond entered a difficult period. The city was taken several times, and there has been lost during the invasion of the Spaniards. Years later, many companies settled in Helmond which led to a growth in the economy. While renting apartments and houses Helmond you encounter different celebrities. Darter André Brantjes, rapper Kempi and football Wilfred Bouma are all from Helmond.

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