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Rent a property in Schiedam

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Rental housing Schiedam

The tallest windmills in the world, gin and a historic center. Three things that you encounter when renting apartments and houses Schiedam. Schiedam is located between Vlaardingen and Rotterdam. While renting houses for rent Schiedam, you can choose from several houses. A studio at the Rotterdamsedijk, a property to the hose or an apartment on the Aleidastraat. Whether you are renting a family or alone, it is all possible.


Canals and special buildings make shopping in the shopping streets of Schiedam an experience. The attractive historic center is equipped with nice shops and there are many terraces to rest after shopping. Start your rental housing rent Schiedam, you will find among others in the Court of Spaland and Hoogstraat a wide range of shops. There are regular Sunday shopping in the center of Schiedam on Thursday most shops open until 21:00. Next to the center is the Passage a fun place to shop during the rental housing rent Schiedam. Rotterdam and Vlaardingen are nearby. Both cities are great fun for a day out.


Do not you going to rent houses for rent Schiedam, then you ignore the special windmills. Several mills are opened at different times to the public. You can take a look and if you're lucky, the mill that day. Two of the most famous windmills in Schiedam "The Three Koornbloemen" and "The Walvisch". In addition, you can visit various museums in Schiedam. Thus, the Gin Museum and the Stedelijk Museum worth a visit while rental housing Schiedam. Many events are organized to rent Schiedam make it extra fun rental housing. There are regular cultural markets, festivals and theme days. Schiedam also has two pools and you can watch the latest films in the cinema Wenneker. In short, you are going to rent houses for rent Schiedam? Then you do not get bored.


Take a walk through Schiedam, you see right away that it is a city with a rich history. Especially the eighteenth century was particularly good for the city. Gin who came from Schiedam, was sold all over the world. The highest windmills standing in the world in Schiedam, because it took a lot of space to park. The mills were to exceed the high warehouses. While renting houses for rent Schiedam, it's nice to take a walk along the six classic windmills. That Schiedam is a nice town, you see the number of Dutch who live there. As Pieter van Vollenhoven comes from Schiedam and lives actor Joey der Velden there. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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