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Rent a property in Leeuwarden

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Rentals Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden, called by the Frisians 'Ljouwert', is the capital of Friesland. Regularly coming to town for on lists of most beautiful small cities in Europe, and that is not for nothing. Apartments for rent Leeuwarden is a good choice. It is the birthplace of, among other Piet Paaltjens and Annajet van der Zijl. The city offers a unique combination of history and hospitality, culture and capabilities.

Apartments for rent Leeuwarden location

Leeuwarden is in northeast Friesland, open and watery province. When renting Property Leeuwarden can be perfect for watersports up in nearby villages as Grou and Akkrum. Walking or cycling in nature can Alde Feanen in the national park. Leeuwarden also is not far from Heerenveen and Sneek.

Property renting in Leeuwarden, bubbling through the centuries

Already in Roman times was there in Friesland a place with three settlements together. Located on the Middle Sea, prosperous and busy with farming, fishing and shipping. These three settlements were Leeuwarden and although the Middle Sea silted up, the city has never lost its vibrant and lively character. In the 15th century was Leeuwarden city rights in the 17th century belonged to the ten most influential cities in Europe.
History is still present in the historic center, such as those who rent will experience a rental Leeuwarden. There are numerous monuments, from residential to parks. The Oldehove example, named after one of the three settlements which Leeuwarden arose. It's a crooked and never completed tower and above the icon of the city.

Renting Property Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture (2018) and Capital of Taste (2015)

Outside the history is to rent a rental Leeuwarden worth considering. There is plenty to do, not least in the field of culture. In 2018, the city European Capital of Culture. Those who love museums can indulge in the Fries Museum or the Natural History Museum, who is going for music and theater, you can visit the municipal theater or concert venue Roman. In the center there is a lot of choice of nice restaurants and bars. In 2015 Leeuwarden Capital of Taste, which says enough!
Besides the regular adventures are also regular events. There is a wide range, from the largest flower market in the Netherlands through the Media Art Festival at the street festival.

Apartments for rent Leeuwarden, the city with the best shopping Netherlands

Whether it is for the ordinary weekly shopping or a leisurely shop afternoon, there is plenty of shopping. Always fun is on the Wilhelminaplein or shopping the New Town. The latter is the main street in Leeuwarden and is separated by a moat. On the street walk all smaller shopping streets, like the Kleine Kerkstraat, which has been declared best shopping street of the Netherlands.
Who does not rent houses for rent Leeuwarden? A city of fun and culture! Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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