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Property rent Delft

Rental housing rent in Delft is very pleasant if you want to live near the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam. In addition, of course, the city of Delft is also a lot to offer and you're still nowhere near the sea. Rental housing rent in Delft can already by choosing an apartment or might you be looking for a property? Of course this is not holding, because the city has much more to offer! Do you already know what you can do in Delft?

Between the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague you will find the city of Delft. Rental housing rent in Delft is often considered by the location and the opportunities that are out here. To make the search a little easier, we have put some interesting streets in a row. Rental housing rent in Delft is for instance possible in Coligny Street, Brabantse Turfmarkt, Third World Recherche, Zagwijnpad or Cesar Franck Street.

Shopping in the city

Rental housing rent in Delft makes it possible to use the extensive shopping facilities. The possibilities that are open to you are very large so you can go shopping for example on the market, on the canal, the Langendijk in the Courts or in the Veste. Apartments for rent in rent in Delft is also nice to go shopping in cities like The Hague and Rotterdam, which are not far from Delft.

What you do in your spare time

Free time can be spent in full view of the monuments, visiting museums or maybe you want to go to the cinema? Rental housing rent in Delft gives you this opportunity. Additionally, you can also enjoy nature in Abtswoudepark, Hof van Delft Park of Wilhelmina Park. Who Delft wants to can go to the nearby big cities just behind him as The Hague or Rotterdam, but a visit to the beach and dunes at Scheveningen is definitely recommended!

The emergence of the city of Delft

The history of Delft is very nice to know. Rental housing rent in Delft can not without knowing a piece of history. Have you ever heard of the Delf? The excavation of the river came namely the city of Delft. The word says it all a bit, mining means namely graves. There will also be known from this Dutch city. Think of music scientist and TV presenter Gregor Bak, football commentator NOS Ronald van der Geer and actress Eva Duijvestein. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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