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Property rent Beverwijk

In the name Beverwijk think a lot of people right at the bazaar, which includes the "Black Market" is located. The Bazaar is the largest covered market in Europe. This is just one of the reasons that so many people rent houses for rent in Beverwijk. This town with its 40,000 inhabitants has a clear still much more to offer for all those people who rent apartments in Beverwijk. The location is ideal example of Beverwijk. The city is less than 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, so people who rent apartments in Beverwijk and work in the Randstad never have to travel far to work. A popular street where people like to rent apartments in Beverwijk More Street is right in the center near the station. People who love greenery and unobstructed views often go to rental housing rent in Beverwijk, which are located at the instance Heemskerkerweg. The good links that are from Beverwijk to towns is the reason that many people rent houses for rent in Beverwijk. you can all directions from Beverwijk through the ring road, the railway and the bus. For all the people who rent apartments in Beverwijk is it interesting to know that all of Beverwijk in the 12th or 13th century originated as a small trading town on the Wijkermeer. From 1276 Beverwijk got the right to hold a market every week. In 1298 received city rights to the town. From the 17th century Beverwijk grew tremendously hard. Farmers put more and more on the cultivation of horticultural crops. Through the Wijkermeer carry almost daily ships with cherries, strawberries, turnips, legumes, carrots and many more across the IJ to Amsterdam. This yielded Beverwijkers nicknamed "Strawberries" or "Hit Berries' on.

What's all to do in and around Beverwijk

Rental housing rent in Beverwijk is interesting for every target, because there can be found in and around Beverwijk such a huge range of activities. Families with children who rent apartments in Beverwijk, can indulge in a visit to the nature playground or in the petting zoo. Beach lovers are in no time at the beach, because it is very close to Beverwijk. Sporting opportunities for people who rent apartments in Beverwijk there are many. Both for children and for adults there is such a variety that you'll have trouble choosing. Several football clubs, an athletic club, hockey club, a swim club, tennis club and even several scouting. For the shoppers among people who rent apartments in Beverwijk is the famous "Black market" of course a must. At the Beverwijk woonboulevard you can find everything for in and around your home. Do you enjoy good food, well then you're quite right in Beverwijk. There are a lot of nice restaurants where you can go. For a night out in Beverwijk, you can go to the cinema or the theater. People who rent apartments in Beverwijk and love culture and history will enjoy themselves in one of the forts to find in Beverwijk and its surroundings. Fort St. Aagtendijk together with Fort Velsen part of the "Stelling of Amsterdam". These fortresses were used to protect the province of North Holland. Fort St. Aagtendijk built a recreation area in 1997, where you can enjoy.

Famous residents of Beverwijk

The presenter Astrid Joosten, singer Marco Bakker, actress, singer and presenter Kim-Lian are just a few examples of well-known residents of Beverwijk.

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