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Rent a studio in Delft

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Studio rent Delft

The historic city of Delft offers plenty of space to live. Are you going to rent a studio Delft? Then you get a beautiful space to live and you also get immediately a bustling city with. Not only because Delft attracts many tourists, even residents find the Beestenmarkt and the Markt in the city center very nice in the summer. On the terrace you can enjoy a snack and a drink and you can get up early in the morning enjoy a drink.

Delft center

The center of Delft is ideally situated for all amenities. That way you can be found close to the train and bus, but also you can enjoy shopping along the canals and there are several supermarkets. The city of Delft is of course known for its university with many people. In addition to the Technical University, you also find various high schools and MBO schools. If you study follows the university or one of the other schools, rent a studio Delft can be very useful.

Famous places near Delft

Want to rent a studio Delft? Then you're right near the famous cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. Delft is namely exactly between these two cities. Rotterdam is still known for its large port and good nightlife. The Hague is the seat of government of the country where the parliament and the government are located. This city has a historical center and is situated on the North Sea.

Delft city full of history

Delft are several monumental buildings. Think again to the Town Hall, Old Church, New Church, the vault of Orange-Nassau and many more historical sites. Delft is an ideal place to linger. The most famous product that comes out of the city is of course the Delftware. This pottery is still seen in the old factories Royal Delft and Delft Peacock.

Recreation in Delft

Would you like to relax beside the busy student life or ordinary work life? The city offers several parks and sports complexes. Of Delft, for example, often used for swimming, but there are a lot of people found on the lawns to enjoy the sun. The Dobbeplas and Wilhelmina are also widely used for recreation and relaxation. Students who find renting a studio Delft are often in these recreational areas. Are you going to rent a studio Delft and you are very sporty? In this city you can practice many different sports. So find there are many football clubs, but also hockey, rugby and netball is widely practiced. Because there are lots of international students can be found in the city, there are also a lot of sports. Among the students is rowing very popular.

Celebrities from Delft

There are several famous people born in the city of Delft. Shortly after the Middle Ages, for example, Piet Hein, Hugo Grotius and Johannes Vermeer was born here. Celebrities like Ronald van der Geer, Sandra Nieuwland and VanVelzen are born in this city.

Studio rent Delft where you live?

In addition to a studio to rent Delft center there are of course many more places in Delft where you can rent a studio. Think about the TU Campus Tanthof, Forecourt and Buitenhof. Also popular among students Hof van Delft. In almost every neighborhood in Delft are several studios that you can rent.

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