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Studio's near Groningen

Studio rent Groningen

Are you going to rent a studio in Groningen, you arrive in a city where a lot to experience. This 6-largest city in the Netherlands has the highest proportion of inhabitants aged 20-25 years old. Because of this there's a very special atmosphere in the city. A few examples of streets where people like to rent a studio in Groningen Korreweg, Begoniastraat, Rodeweg and Little Pepper Street. Is a studio rental in Groningen not an option for you because you would not have enough space, then you can also choose to rent an apartment or an entire house.


All those who rent a studio in Groningen do not naturally always to the city for each message. There is for residents who rent a studio in Groningen in each neighborhood a neighborhood shopping center where at least find a supermarket and a baker. In finding the town there are all the big chains stores, while there are many small cozy shops. People who rent a studio in Groningen and like going to the market every Saturday to visit the fish market in the city center. Besides finding the shops in the downtown area there are large shopping centers just a little outside the center. Think of home furnishing stores or Ikea.

Leisure and fun

People who rent a studio in Groningen have a lot of clubs from which they can choose if they like sports. Of football, volleyball, hockey and swimming to athletics and chess, everything is possible here. Those who rent a studio in Groningen and keep it out of a pleasant evening will certainly not be bored in this city. There are numerous cafés, found mainly around the Grand Place, the Fish Market, the Poelestraat, Pepper Street and Crooked Elbow. Also, an evening at the theater, the cinema or a concert is possible. For people who rent a studio in Groningen and like to be there to make up many different options for a day on stage. A visit to the Zuidlaardermeer, castle Nienoord and the Hortus in Haren are but a few examples.


Interesting to know for those who rent a studio in Groningen, is that there are known stories stating that the city of Groningen as early as 453 BC. existed. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to be found there. In the Middle Ages the town was an important trading function for the area as a market town. Today there are to see buildings dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. Groningen experiencing a major boom in the 15th century. During this period also built the Martini. Since the year 1614 Groningen got her university. Groningen as a city still important in the area of ​​trade. In recent years the municipality puts more and more emphasis on business services. The ICT industry is a good example.

Celebrities from the city

Are you going to rent a studio apartment in Groningen, you'll be in the same row as a model Kim Feenstra, politician Diederik Samson and actor Egbert Jan Weeber. Politica Sharon Dijksma and Edwin Rutten, alias Uncle Willem are two examples of famous Dutch coming from Groningen.

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