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Rent a studio in Hengelo Ov

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Studio's near Hengelo Ov

Studio rent Hengelo

Are you going to rent a studio in Hengelo then you are assured that you will have it as well to your liking. The composition of the population there's a very special atmosphere in the city. That's one of the reasons that so many people who rent a studio with so much pleasure in Hengelo. Social, cultural and sporting activities you do get bored namely a second in this beautiful city. The location is also very convenient: by highway are you in Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn. Even the German border is just around the corner. Therefore, any audience can easily rent a studio in Hengelo. Especially in the center you will find many rental opportunities studio in Hengelo.


Shoppers who rent a studio in Hengelo can indulge because this city has as many as 190,000 sqm. That is much more than in other cities that are about the same size! People who rent a studio in Hengelo can visit one of the nearby shopping for their daily needs. The center is the main shopping area of ​​the city, with famous shopping including the Market, the Enschedesestraat, Neuve, and the Brinkstraat Westermaat Square. People who rent a studio in Hengelo and who like to go to visit the Market for that to market. There will be held on Wednesday and Saturday market.

Leisure and fun

Sports enthusiasts among those who rent a studio in Hengelo can choose from many different sports to join. Sport is something that is very important for this city. Anyone who would actually agree to take a look is going to rent a studio in Hengelo in the stadium of FC Twente, the club comes from Enschede but the stadium where they play is in Hengelo.

Athletics fans among people who rent a studio in Hengelo will certainly know that Olympic champion FBK has a stadium in the city which is named after her. The FBK Games are held here every year. All the people who can visit many clubs rent a studio in Hengelo: soccer, tennis, swimming, billiards, fencing, anything is possible in Hengelo. Residents who rent a studio in Hengelo who prefer individually doing their hobby or sport can head to one of the gyms. It is for all runners, walkers, bikers and cyclists to rent a studio in Hengelo beautiful surroundings to be engaged in their favorite hobby. Twickel estate is also a wonderful place to be out wonderfully active.


There, research has shown that in the place where now Hengelo is thousands of years ago people lived. The town of Hengelo, however, came only in 1811. There used in Hengelo also quite find the textile industry like in Enschede, but soon shifted its focus toward the industry. Of great influence to this was the establishment of a factory machine parts by the family Stork in 1859. This exerted a great attraction to other large companies and soon Hengelo grew into a real city. In World War II destroyed a large part of Hengelo. St. Lambertus Basilica in 1890 endured all this and this striking building is still to be admired.

Celebrities from the city

When you move house and decided to rent a studio in Hengelo you end up in the same breath as some well-known Dutch. The known weather wife Margot Ribberink and swimmer Kirsten Flying House are just a few examples. Also politician Henk Kamp, which you might know as defense minister comes from Hengelo.

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