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Rentals for rent in Uden

Uden is a town in England with approximately 35,000 residents . People who rent apartments in Uden living in a vibrant small town, which has a center for the surrounding villages. So find people who huurwoning renting in Uden means there is a hospital nearby.

renting in Uden also rentals hire in Uden and shopping hospital in Uden.

Shopping do people who rent apartments in Uden in the center , in the streets as Marktstraat, de Sacramentsstraat and the Galerij. After the big cities Uden is the fifth shopping town of North Brabant . So both people who rent apartments in Uden , people in the remote area can buy their daily needs and all luxuries .

In the neighborhood

Uden lies in the triangle between Den Bosch, Nijmegen en Eindhoven. All of which are easily accessible , thanks to the A50 motorway , which runs along Uden.

Around Uden is very beautiful . Uden was not for nothing that in 2007 the Greenest City in the Netherlands and in 2008 the Greenest City in Europe. Plane along Uden runs Peelrand . Unique are the great primal toes that have arisen since the horst- and graben operation . Anna Grove is a beautiful piece of nature that has emerged from this horst- and graben operation .

Rental housing rent in Uden and relaxation

Rental housing rent in Uden and relaxation people who rent apartments and houses in Uden take a high level of facilities in the cultural area. Theater Markant is one of the largest theaters in the Netherlands with a capacity of 685 people . Equally striking is perhaps De Pul in the 70s one of the most famous music venues in the Netherlands and still plenty popular. Also in sports , people who rent apartments in Uden not suffer lack . All features are available in both indoor and outdoor.


Around Uden has been inhabited since prehistoric times , 4,000 years ago. The Romans lived in Uden. The present village was first mentioned in 1190 AD . Uden was centuries from hand to hand until it was heard after the French domination in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and became an independent municipality .

Famous Dutchies from Uden

People who rent apartments in Uden many famous predecessors . Painter Piet Mondriaan lived from 1904 to 1905 in Uden. Other famous Uden Egyptians are: politician Gerrit Braks , fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker and Cees van der Velden , all of whom were born in Uden, and former professional footballer Earnie Stewart , swimmer Marcel Wouda and singer Tatjana Simic , who lived there. The Ethiopian Olympic champion in the marathon, Haile Gebreselassi , once lived in Uden.

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