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Rent a studio in Hilversum

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Studio's near Hilversum

Studio rent Hilversum

Do you want to rent a studio in Hilversum? Hilversum is a municipality that has much to offer its residents and thus a good choice to use as your new home!


If you decide to rent a studio in Hilversum, you're in no time by public transport, bicycle or car in the village center where all kinds of shops, big and small, are located. You can find everything you need.

Leisure and fun

Renting a studio in Hilversum has the advantage that you can relax after a busy week in Nature. The municipality of Hilversum is literally surrounded by various heathlands, you have to do is just to cycle to or walk to enjoy the serenity. Find more fun and you will among men are at the center itself offers you many entertainment venues. Many people would therefore prefer to rent a studio in Hilversum, which is located on the Groest, the entertainment center of the village.

Popular nearby places

Hilversum is adjacent to popular villages of Laren and Blaricum where you outside your own municipality, shopping or going out delicious. When renting a studio in Hilversum you so lovely a day trip to another place that has much to offer, yet conveniently close to lies.

History of Hilversum

You can rent a studio in Hilversum and situated in prestigious streets like Albertus Perk Street - houses are mostly built in the late 19th and early 20th century there. Hilversum the 1424 municipal rights received from John III of Bavaria does not really centuries old buildings since the village in 1629 was set on fire by Croatian mercenaries who fought for the Spaniards. When renting a studio in Hilversum you can also choose to live on the Naarderstraat. You're then close to Westerheide where you'll find burial mounds which have already been built since 1800 BC by the Hilversum culture. Are you going to rent a studio in Hilversum, which is located at the Van Ghent Avenue, then you find yourself near a nature reserve where traces have been found of Neanderthals who takes such a small 250,000 years stayed for a short time.

Celebrities from Hilversum

Are you going to rent a studio in Hilversum, then your new residence is the same place where celebrities like Davy Klaassen and DJ Ruud de Wild were born.

Come rent a studio in Hilversum, you will soon be part of the Gooi culture! Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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