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Rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard

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Apartments near Heerhugowaard

Apartment rent Heerhugowaard

Maybe Heerhugowaard does not sound like the most exciting place in the Netherlands, but who lives there knows better. Not for nothing adjoins the site to the City of the Sun, the largest emission neutral residential area of ​​Europe, but it is above all a hiker's paradise for lovers who rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard.

For shoppers who rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard, the place certainly an Eldorado. The cozy center indeed offers an array of shops, but Middenwaard as the largest shopping center of the head of the province is quite an attraction. With more than 150 stores an ideal base for people who rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard. The nearby Metro cinema belongs for years to the highest-rated of our country!

Apartment rent in Heerhugowaard

For people who rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard is the entertainment at your fingertips. Centers in abundance (a great pool and multiple national champion futsal is worth a visit) and various places where kids play: fun enough to play paradises as Ballorig or playfully called De Bolle Belly.

But not only the place itself is enticing. For people who rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard even to do with the bike a trip to the weekly cheese market in Alkmaar. Then choose the route via the bridge at St Pancras as piercing and enjoy the numerous mills in the area. The Broeker Veiling - buy your own coal! - Is the ideal base for a boat ride through the kingdom of Thousand Islands on the west side of Heerhugowaard. Even the beach is not far away, but closer to home, the park forest Waarder Wood is also an attraction. The car can almost always stay at home, because for people who rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard is also a station on lap distance and therefore cities such as Alkmaar and Schagen (in the summer months, the West Frisian market on Thursdays) within ten minutes.

The water rich history of Heerhugowaard is to revisit the whole entire place. If you rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard then chances are that it is on the water. Because water was for centuries the main source of income of the former polder place. Not only a friend, but foe. The Huygen dike was built eight centuries ago to fight the rising water and is now a beautiful bike trail for enthusiasts who rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard.

If you rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard, you run a good chance to see a celebrity. Andre Hazes and Koos Alberts lived there for Tol Hansse was a 'Big City' and journalist Henk Spaan and Muhammed Ali-challenger Ruud Lubbers were born. The AZ Stadium against Heerhugowaard at Sands is also noticeable, as former internationals like Ronald Spelbos and Jan Peters lived like cyclist Steven Rooks in place with hamlets as it North and it still bears Cross village characteristics. Those places you get in for free if you rent an apartment in Heerhugowaard. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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