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Rent an apartment in Vlaardingen

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Apartment rent Vlaardingen

Ever since the late Stone Age (3500 to 2500 BC.) Living there for people in Vlaardingen. Even before 1273 BC. Vlaardingen has city rights. Thus, it is undeniable that Vlaardingen is a nice place to live. The city is located on the Nieuwe Maas river and is surrounded by Schiedam, Delft and Maassluis. From the eighteenth century, the herring fishery in the city was an important source of income.

Apartment rent in Vlaardingen

Vlaardingen, you have plenty of choice of available properties. The center of Vlaardingen is cozy with regard to shopping and nightlife. Renting an apartment in Vlaardingen gives easy access to Rotterdam and the ports on the south side of the river. Vlaardingen has three railway stations and bus service. From Vlaardingen-Oost, the metro network of Rotterdam in the range that you can achieve quite Rotterdam area within a short time. Through the Botlektunnel and A20 denotes quickly on the motorway and Rotterdam ring. Within half an hour you stand from Vlaardingen on the beach at Hoek van Holland. Renting an apartment in Vlaardingen also gives good roads to other cities in South Holland. In the west of Vlaardingen is also the Krabbeplas where it is pleasantly busy in summer with swimmers and sightseers. In short, rent an apartment in Vlaardingen, the hustle and bustle of the big city and the appeal of the countryside in the beautiful and peaceful Westland. In summer sunbathing or strolling the perfect end to the day.

In Liesveld mall you can find many shops for all tastes. Just take a terrace when shopping at the Visbank or a night out at the Visbank is recommended. Renting an apartment in Vlaardingen is also good for the cultural well-being. How about wine tasting in the winery? A nice location to sample different wines like cherry wine, white wine or red wine Delfland. Vlaardingen also has a real Vlaardings museum 'The Fishing Museum. In short; in terms of culture you will lack nothing in Vlaardingen.

Which rental properties can be found in Vlaardingen?

Renting an apartment in Vlaardingen is popular. A house or studio usually costs at least 400 euros per month. Before that, however, you get a lot back. Also Vlaardingen was chosen in 2010 as the greenest city in Europe. Renting an apartment in Vlaardingen is not easy because there is a wide choice.

Things to do in Vlaardingen

Besides the Visbank there are several attractions in the city. Renting an apartment in Vlaardingen makes you not get bored. The working mill Aeolus, the market and make the big church you will not soon regret getting a rental apartment in Vlaardingen. There are many known Vlaardingers example: Mark Huizinga, Wouter Bos, Winston Post and natural Bassie & Adriaan.

Do not wait any longer and start a rental apartment in Vlaardingen!

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