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Rent a studio in Hoensbroek

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Studio's near Hoensbroek

Studio rentals in Hoensbroek

Hoensbroek is a rustic village in the south of Limburg, with less than 20,000 residents. It was until 1982 an independent municipality, but is now one of the four districts within the municipality of Heerlen. Heerlerheide, Heerlen City and Heerlerbaan the other boroughs. Renting a studio in Hoensbroek can in attractive districts Hoensbroek-De Dem Center, Maria Gewanden, Mariarade New Lotbroek.

Renting a studio in Hoensbroek, near the eponymous castle

Hoensbroek was formerly pants or Broich, which means as much as ꞌmoerasꞌ. The Limburg village was separated in the year 1388 in Heerlen and donated to knight Herman Hoen. Later this noble family of Hoensbroeck. Herman Hoen is responsible for the construction of Castle Hoensbroek is one of the largest and most beautiful castles in the Netherlands. Here you can relive the Middle Ages in an enchanting setting. The castle museum is the main attraction of Hoensbroek and easy to visit if you decide to rent a studio in Hoensbroek. In addition, the St. John's Church at the Market is worth a visit.

Renting a studio in Hoensbroek in diverse neighborhoods

Hoensbroek has diverse neighborhoods, where it is pleasant to live if you go for a studio to rent in Hoensbroek. Hoensbroek-De Dem Center ranks as the largest neighborhood. You can rent a beautiful studio here in Hoensbroek, but also enjoy beautiful ribbon development, s-30 building and my original colonies. The tree-lined neighborhood Maria Gewanden located on the ring road of Hoensbroek and the characteristic hamlet Terschuren. The northern Mariarade borders Treebeek neighboring town Brunssum. The neighborhood has a high level of facilities, which rent for a studio in Hoensbroek is an advantage. The green district New Lotbroek is located in the south of the district. Here is the station of Hoensbroek.

History of Mining

Hoensbroek grew in population in the early 20th century with the opening of coal mines. The district expansions Heerlen and Hoensbroek came ever closer to each other. Today it is a virtually continuous area, with only the slag heap of the old Oranje Nassau III mine - now a park - as a buffer. Several miners children transformed themselves into leading citizens and Dutch celebrities. Consider politician Klaas de Vries, former Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, and later of the Interior. Or journalist Pierre Heijboer, born near the Emma mine and author of a book about the Bijlmer disaster.

Renting a studio in Hoensbroek in an easily accessible district

Hoensbroek has nice, small shopping areas, where for each's taste. The larger shopping malls in Heerlen lend themselves excellent shopping for a day. With a studio to rent in Hoensbroek, choose good accessibility. Hoensbroek situated on the A76 motorway and a railway station, making attractive places like Heerlen, Sittard and Geleen, to visit his estate. Therefore choose to rent for a studio in Hoensbroek. Rent an apartment? Place an ad for free
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